Campus Safety

Blue phone at south entrance of campus.

We work to provide the safest possible campus environment for KU students, faculty, staff and the general public by partnering with KU leaders and campus units on day-to-day safety, as well as planning and coordinating large campus events.

The KU Lawrence campus has more than 27,000 students, faculty and staff, placing it in the top 20 of Kansas' largest towns on any given day. Unfortunately, as in towns of all sizes, serious crimes are sometimes committed on the KU campus. When these crimes occur, the KU Police Department asks that everyone in the community does what they can to assist us in solving the crimes.

If you have information regarding any crime within our campus community, please contact the KU Police Department at 785-864-5900, the Crime Stoppers Hotline at 785-864-8888, or email

Emergency Notification System

KU has an emergency notification system to keep students, faculty, staff and visitors informed in the event of an emergency that could affect their health and safety. To reach the most people in a timely manner, KU has invested in a multi-tiered system. Some or all of the following methods may be used in any given campus emergency.

Campus Emergency Notification Systems

  • KU Alert System

    Students, faculty and staff with a KU online ID can sign up to receive a KU Alert text message through Enroll & Pay, under the Emergency Contact tab.

  • Email

    KU Alert messages are automatically sent to all KU email accounts.

  • Public address system

    KU’s police dispatchers are able to broadcast alerts and instructions through fire alarms in nearly two-thirds of campus buildings (all classroom buildings and large gathering venues).

  • 864-SNOW

    This phone line, with a recorded message, is activated if bad weather forces the delay or cancellation of classesor the closure of campus.

  • Local media

    The university will utilize local media to inform the university community

  • Web resources

    Alert banners will appear at the top of all KU websites with a link to the KU Alert information site.

KU Alerts System

Learn more about campus alerts and how to sign up for notications.
KU Alerts Site