Security Unit

Security Officer at KU Football game.

The Security unit is responsible for patrolling and securing 124 academic, athletic, business and research facilities spanning two campuses. Security services are provided to academic buildings, housing units and Kansas Athletics facilities 365 days a year. In addition, selected services are provided at Spencer Art Museum and the Edwards Campus. Services include scheduled locks/unlocks, community engagement,  requested unlocks, maintenance and hazard checks.

All security officers and supervisors are trained in first aid, CPR and use of automated external defibrillators (AED). Security officers have direct access to the department’s Emergency Communications Center via their portable radios.

Security shares nightly lock-up responsibilities with Facilities Services housekeeping. While patrolling buildings, security officers enforce the university's building hours policies and ask people to leave who are not authorized to be in the buildings after posted hours. As part of the building lock-ups, Security is also available to respond to lockout calls in accordance with the building lockout policy.

To ensure safety, Security officers prepare write-ups reporting various maintenance issues they find in buildings.

Security operations are provided by:

  • One security supervisor and two security officers (Edwards Campus)
  • Fourteen Security Officers (Lawrence Campus)
  • Approximately 6 Student Security Staff

Campus Safety Escorts

  • Security officers provide safety escorts from campus facilities to parking lots or to on-campus living facilities. To request an escort, call 785-864-5900 and advise them of your campus location and your destination.

Student Security

Student Security has two primary responsibilities. The first is to monitor the on-campus CCTV system which records activities in certain areas of the main KU campus and the Edwards campus. Student security staff watch for suspicious activities and provide information to responding police officers and other emergency services personnel about the nature of an incident. Full-time security officers also monitor the system, as needed. The second responsibility is to monitor the Spencer Museum of Art. Their job is to ensure that patrons have a safe and enjoyable experience at the museum.

Spencer Museum of Art

Security patrols the Spencer Museum of Art building and galleries and maintains a satellite office at that location. Both full-time security officers and part-time student security staff monitor the galleries to enforce the museum rules and ensure that all patrons have a safe and enjoyable visit.

Kansas Athletics

The PSO Security unit patrols the on-campus athletic stadiums. Allen Fieldhouse, Memorial Stadium, Rock Chalk Park and the KU Boat House are walked day and night to ensure the safety and security of those facilities.

Edwards Campus

The KU Office of Public Safety at the Edwards Campus is responsible for the opening and closing of all academic buildings and classrooms located at the Edwards Campus. The security officers at Edwards Campus monitor reserved spaces and provide core security functions, including camera monitoring, patrolling of all campus areas, responding to possible security concerns, providing emergency first aid, and working with municipal and county emergency responders to resolve campus emergencies.

Security officers respond to lockout requests as well as requests for personal escorts during academic campus operating hours. 

Contact KU Office of Public Safety at the Edwards Campus: