Weapons Storage

For purposes of this procedure the term “firearm” means any legal rifle or shotgun.

Storage of Civilian Firearms

The KU Police Department makes secure storage available for the safe keeping of rifles and shotguns belonging to currently enrolled KU students, faculty or staff who reside in on-campus housing. University departments having ownership of firearms for work-related reasons may also use  this storage option.

Persons using this service will not be in violation of the University’s weapons policy.

Who’s Eligible?

Only students, faculty and staff who live on campus are eligible to use this service. It is the owner’s responsibility to remove their firearm from PSO storage when they are no longer living on campus.


Firearms may be stored and retrieved Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. unless other arrangements have been made in advance.Persons using this service must present a valid government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) when storing or retrieving their firearm. They also must sign a log book each time a firearm is brought in or out of the storage area. The firearm owner’s signature on the log sheet shall constitute his/her agreement with PSO policy for the storage of their firearm.

A photocopy of the owner’s identification will be made and placed in a plastic pouch and secured to the firearm using a cable lock. The cable lock will be provided by PSO and used to render every stored firearm safe during storage.

Firearms must be transported to and from the Public Safety Office building in either a soft or hard-sided case. Firearms must be UNLOADED with the magazine removed and action open when brought to the Public Safety Office building. Ammunition should not be present with the firearm and will not be stored by the Public Safety Office.

Loaded firearms must be taken from the Public Safety building immediately and unloaded. A PSO officer will accompany the person out and watch while the firearm is unloaded.

All firearms must be removed from storage at the end of each spring semester. PSO will attempt to contact an owner to remove their firearm if it has not been retrieved. Any firearm left for 90 days after the end of the spring semester shall be considered abandoned by its owner. Abandoned firearms will be considered Lost & Found property and will be lawfully disposed of by PSO.

Exceptions may be granted for person(s) living on campus all year (calendar year) and for firearms owned by university departments.

Arrangements must be made in advance and in writing for anyone other than the owner (the person who’s identification is with the firearm) to retrieve the firearm from PSO storage.

All firearms being stored by Public Safety will be checked through the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) to ensure they are not stolen or wanted in connection to a crime.

Once a firearm has been removed from PSO storage, it must be removed from university property.