Liaison Program

The University of Kansas Police Department (KUPD) is collecting information regarding  implementing a formal liaison officer program as was recommended by the Chancellor’s Task Force on Community Responsive Public Safety. This program is being built with the intention of creating meaningful, ongoing and mutually beneficial dialogue while, at the same time, building productive respectful relationships between KUPD and members of systemically marginalized communities. These partnerships are demonstrative of the KUPD's philosophical stance regarding the necessity of the utilization of both community-oriented policing and procedural justice in all of our endeavors. These overarching philosophies of our department represent our commitment to providing fair and equitable law enforcement treatment to all.   

Through internal discussions about the aforementioned program, we have identified police officers that have a desire to be involved in the liaison program.  Our goal is to continue to learn the needs of our KU community in order to better our law enforcement policies, procedures and practices ultimately building and enhancing relationships and trust that embody a fair and impartial, community-minded, effective police department. 

KUPD has surveyed multiple stakeholders regarding the implementation of such a program and have had a variety of responses. We are in the process of contacting participants and discussing possible frameworks and the desirability of such programs in diverse communities. KUPS's original idea was, “…that (the) liaison officers would collaborate and meet regularly with various community organizations/groups to address specific concerns, help with unique problem-solving initiatives and serve as a known resource that can be called upon when needed. The establishment of this relationship would initially occur by getting to know each other through scheduled meetings, learning from one another and sharing contact information.”  Since this program is a partnership between the community and the police, it is imperative that KUPD understand the needs and desires of the community we serve. As such, we are interested in feedback on this liaison program as well as ideas and thoughts for a successful program.  

Furthermore, if you ever have questions about law enforcement, policies, procedures, tactics or an experience, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are willing to have the conversation in a space that makes you comfortable.  Also, if you have a suggestion or idea for the liaison program, please let us know.