Officer Ridgeway and OFficer Felbush at shop with a cop

Patrol Division

The patrol unit delivers most of the required police services to the KU community, primarily charged with the preservation of peace and order at the university. The patrol officers enforce federal laws, state statutes and university regulations. The unit is responsible for the prevention of crime, the investigation of crimes that occur on campus, the apprehension of offenders and the recovery of stolen property.

The patrol unit has the largest allocation of manpower within the KU Police Department, with 25 commissioned law enforcement officers. The patrol unit consists of a patrol Deputy Chief, six patrol sergeants, and 18 patrol officers. This is the most visible unit of PSO as they are in squad cars and on foot patrol on campus.

Responsibilities include documenting and investigating crimes, but also responding to all emergencies that occur on campus, including crimes, medical emergencies, and fires. The patrol unit also investigates vehicular and non-vehicular accidents, and enforces traffic ordinances. Some other responsibilities not traditionally associated with law enforcement include motorist assists, office lockouts, safety escorts and a variety of other citizen requests for assistance.

Police Officers in the KU Police Department are fully commissioned police officers certified by the State of Kansas as established under Kansas Statutes Annotated, 76-726.

Police Officers are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The patrol unit officers work 10-hour shifts with three overlapping squads. Ten-hour shifts have been in place for years and have proved beneficial to our community. The shift configuration allows for additional manpower during periods of increased activity, allowing for better police coverage and service.

Patrol Contact

Captain Crystal Golightley

Investigations Unit

The Investigations section consists of two detectives and a supervisor. The Investigations section is responsible for conducting in-depth and sometimes lengthy investigations of criminal offenses, providing employment background checks on potential new employees, and providing protection for dignitaries visiting the University of Kansas.

The Investigations section frequently assists local, state and federal law enforcement agencies as their investigations bring them to campus. The detectives have specialized training and serve as resources for other members of the department. They provide training and assistance in areas such as photography, crime scene management, evidence collection and processing and interview techniques.

Investigations Contact

Captain Jack Campbell